Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Time to catch up

Well it's been a while since I have done this. Not really much is new.. I go to school all day, I work here and there, I keep involved with SAA and occasionally party it up! Yup schools insanely hard,  I eat like crap, wouldn't ya guess it, I am a college student, that's all there is to it!
MEN. That word makes me uneasy.. I have come to the realization, not for the first time mind you, that guys are just.. stupid! Let me clarify that, they are awesome to hang out with and make life exciting no matter the situation, however, they really are stupid, they got one thing on their mind (and it aint the molecular formula of organic compounds). It seems to be nearly impossible to have a good guy friends that don't want to be more then that.
Now, I know im a flirt, I will fully admit it but I also tell guys straight up that I have a missionary out that I am serious about.. so what do I want from men? Is it ambigious? NO, I just want a friendship, I wanna flirt with and have it mean nothing, don't read into the flirting just believe me when I say I will marry Tycen. I don't wanna be taken home to mama, I just want fun right now and live a little. I don't want to be make out buddies but thank you for your kind offer! That's all... Get it through you lil head! And please for the sake of all girls think with your right head, it would be much appreciated!
Hmm.. it sounds like I am bitter right now? well, I am and im not, it just makes me laugh to think about some of the dumb men i have met in my life but I should thank you because you sure do make my MAN look SOOO much better!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Church is true!

I am so blessed...
I woke up this morning (not proudly) not too excited for church. Not dreading it but rather just not having a good attitude. Before I left my roommate asked if I we wanted to drive together, she said that she had to stay a little after, so I decided that I would just drive seperately (not yet realizing the blessing of doing so). Upon arriving to church I got lucky and found a parking spot right at the very front near the door (which never happens). I then debated if I wanted to stay all three hours, I decided to do so. I was so happy that I did, my first class, temple prep, was absolutely amazing.  There after I went to relief society and learned about fasting and self-control which was great. When church was over I walked outside and heard people talking about a flat tire, I thought to myself oh that sucks for that person then I got to my car went to unlock it and hear someone ask "is this your car?" I reply "yes." He then replied "you have a flat tire."
Immediately some men said they woud help me and they would be right back with the equipment.  I didn't even have one second to be upset that I had a flat tire.. all that went through my mind was how blessed I was that every circumstance had led to me gettin a flat tire at church where people had noticed and were so quick to offer assistance..
I am so blessed that I did not drive home for the break, I would have been in the snow storm with a flat tire also if i left church early I would have never noticed that i had a flat or had the help to fix it. This happened before I possibly drove home for salt lake this week to go to Mexico. I also found out that I only ran over a nail and it a friend offered to fix the puncture for free.. ya.. I had a good experience with the first time ever having a flat tire. I am so thankful to preisthood men that are always prepared. God was really lookin out for me and I know that I was blessed for making the right choice of going to church.
I love the church and I know it's true! I am so grateful for the blessing of having a flat tire, it was an amazing experience!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Get me through finals!

Well my social final went prety well.. I think.. Thankfully!
I am gettin really nervous/anxious to be done with my other one's.. I know it will go well though, I got a blessing tonight that said God knows how hard I have worked and as long as I serve others; I can do well! That was exciting, now to figure out what to do to serve others?! I think I am going to go to the temple everyday this week but I would like to figure out more ways, to serve my fellow friends, i'll try to take advantage of as many opportunties as much as I can!
I had a funny story tonight with my roommates we were all home (which is a mirace) and Crystal says what time is it? 7:02 was the answer, then Mia thinking she said what area code is 702 replies, "Oh 702 is the Vegas area code.." HAHA we all just busted up.. silly little Mexican! Our appartment is awesome, 2 whites and brows, we have our battles about which is cooler but duh we know white is ;)
I went to wendys today. I realized it has been a few weeks since I have gone there.. it's crazy I had a an addiction at the beginning of the year I went everday, really though haha. so it's good i have laid back on crispy chicken deluxe.. ya know it's a wonder that I am not 300 pounds I decided. I felt a little guilty for going there today though cause my blessing said to eat right and get lots of rest.. I should really work on it!
I have been missin Ty quite a bit today; he emailed which was really exciting.. He said that his eye lashes had ice on them!!! That's so crazy to me, I am so glad that I am not in the cold.. I feel bad for him. He seemed to be in really really good spirits, he is gettin excited for Chrismas,he decorated his appt and is practicing the piano and siging for an upcoming  peformance.. ya he amazes me. I am so lucky to have found him! I love him! Anyways I have got to study, my final in the morn is pretty heavily waited on my grade!

This one's for you Ty... I look at my hands and feel sad because the spaces between my figners are where yours fit perfectly!
When i think of you I don't feel so alone!
Oh darling I wish you were here!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Tonight was a great night, full of laughter! There was so many wonderful inside jokes.. pocket dialing Kevin, left breasts and tequilla above all getting Roberto's... what an experience. Me and Burtis met Leo in the drive through at midnight. While in the car we observed Leo dance and prepare my wonderful breakfast burrito. We secretly prepared a plan to get free food.. we are thinking he must have heard though so maybe it was not so secretive. He convinced us to come in and listen to spanish hip-hop and then asked us to do "our secret plan" we both laughed and just said no, he asked us to dance and so we did to the wondful spanish hip hop and wouldn't ya know it we got free ice cream. I love things that are free, i didnt even really like the ice cream but it was ten times better cause i didn't have to pay for it!


Saturday, December 11, 2010


So I have red hair and I LOVE IT! Paul Mitchell is amazing, I got treated like a queen! I got my hands rubbed.. scalp towel on the face the whole she-bang. I had probably the coolest/funniest lady from Mississippi! She stripped my hair color before and then mixed these colors and added color shots to make it stay even longer (since i was worried that when i went to Mexico it would lighten up) she also cut my hair and gave me cute bangs for free!
I have a picture but sure enough i can't figure out how to rotate it! o well!
My hair is even more red in the sun, I wish it was light out so I could have taken a pic!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Brit Spears

Friday night.. and what am i doing?!?! Writing a paper for my final... ya lame, but hey atleast I have a good topic, pop star BRITNEY SPEARS. I have done so much research on her this semester it's unreal, I feel like I am an expert on her.. She's crazy but, she's sexy so it's all good! I am about half way done with the 25 page dealio.. o ya did i forget to mention it's my sr. capstone project!
I am doing a presentation poster board on her that I have decided to make it look like a magazine "This just in" type deal and I think I am having way too much fun cutting out pics of her and decorating it all sweet!
This is totally a side not but I got an amazing letter from Ty today.. it's only been like over a month since I got one so it made it that much better! Ya he just makes me laugh.. I am so lucky . I love him.
Other side note I am thinking of dying my hair..tomorrow.. I want to get take some magazines of Brit.. I hope that's not bad maybe just one or two, I would have no problem taking old ones.. hmm.. maybe I will just ask permission that would probably be best, but anywho I can't decide what color I want to go.. I am a bit in a pickle cause I don't know if I want to go blonde brunette or red.. I guess i'll just figure that out when i go i kind of feel like just bein random and doin whatever, maybe i'll ask them to surprise me.. hmm ya i dunno about that..I'll figure somethin!
It's crazy today was the last day of classes, it's so weird to think that I will be done with the semester this next week! Woo!!! This semester flew by; I was so busy!.. I only have one more semester at Dixie.. Ever:( SO SAD!!! Exciting to grudate but not so much to leave Dixie-I love St. George.. I'll save that for another night to talk about!
 It's go time!!

Brit sure know's how to draw attention
Britney Spears - Rolling Stone magazine
Britney Spears - mother to be

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I think I want to get married.. way too much! I can't help it though, i'm in love!

I love EVERYTHING to do with weddings!
One of my greatest loves is planning weddings, I don't know what it is but it's such a thrill and such a nice way to clear my mind.. not too mention a good study break from finals ;)
There are so many options for weddings and I am so indecisive that it's going to be hard to narrow it all down but all the same it's fun to think of the endless possibilites.

this will be mine!